ALI A. MOHAMED, the man who provided the military training to the Bin Laden terrorists who allegedly blew up the U.S. Embassies in Africa in 1998 and killed 224 people, had a degree in psychology from Egypt's Alexandria University. The recent attack on America has headlined how suicide bombers usually require psychological manipulation under the close watch of a leader and Mohamed has the credentials to do this.10 The training manual used by Jihad terrorists details how to lie low in Western cultures (shave beard, don't be chatty), use forged documents, and provides training in how to kill using knives, ropes and blunt objects. The manual advises, "explosives strike the enemy with sheer terror and fright."11 A New York Times article in 2001 said the manual also lists 11 ideal characteristics for those participating in "special operations." "One should be fit, canny and clever, with a tranquil and calm personality that "allows coping" with the psychological traumas of bloodshed and mass murder," the article stated.

DR. MASAMITSU SUSAKI, PRESIDENT OF AUM SUPREME TRUTH, JAPAN: On March 20, 1995, a lethal nerve gas attack on Tokyo's subway left 12 dead and more than 5,500 ill.12 The nerve gas used was sarin, a chemical developed for the Nazis by I.G. Farben during WWII.13 While the attack was ordered by the Aum leader, Shoko Asahara, it was Dr. Susaki, Aum's president and a psychiatrist, who introduced psychotropic, stimulant and hallucinogenic drugs to the group with the stated purpose of erasing the feeling a person had for the opposite sex. Evidence given in the Aum trials in February, 1996, revealed that Dr. Susaki had turned Asahara into an LSD addict who then indulged in "abnormal sex." Another Aum physician, Ikuo Hayashi, testified that he used the barbiturate, sodium thiopental and electroshock to "remove memory" of Aum adherents.14 Dozens of members died from sodium thiopental, a drug known to cause psychosis.15 Hyashi studied the methods used by former World Psychiatric Association (WPA) president, Dr. Ewan Cameron who in the 1950s and 60's, conducted mind-control experiments using barbiturates, LSD and electroshock at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. More than 2,600 people were given LSD during Aum's initiation rites.16

JOVAN RASKOVIC AND RADOVAN KARADZIC, BOSNIA: Both were psychiatrists trained at the Tavistock Institute in Britain and/or Frankfurt School, Germany. Both psychological warfare centers were established in the wake of WWI. In 1986, Raskovic advocated the creation of a "Greater Serbia," claiming the Serbs needed to dominate the Croat and Muslim minorities because of their psychological superiority. He first introduced ethnic cleansing in Croatia and Sarajevo. In 1990, he founded the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS), then appointed his student, Karadzic, to lead the Bosnian branch. Together they established the concentration camps and allowed the mass torture, rape and extermination of the innocent.

MEHMET ALI AGCA, a Turk, attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul on May 13, 1981. Immediately prior to this, Acga was being traced by Israeli Intelligence who suspected him of KGB links. They lost track of him after he entered East Berlin. Acga's blood samples confirmed traces of amphetamines, and Italian intelligence service physicians said that he behaved like someone who had been "brainwashed."17

"CARLOS THE JACKAL" (Illich Rameriz Sanchez): Originally from Venezuela, he was one of the most renowned "revolutionary terrorists" in the history of modern insurgent movements. He reportedly worked for Mohamar Qaddaffi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and a number of "communist and socialist" employers. Responsible for many skyjackings and bombings, he was described as "a ruthless terrorist who operates with cold-blooded, surgical precision," according to Ahmed Zaki Yamnini, a Saudia Arabian Oil Minister kidnapped in 1975. Carlos was a 1969 graduate of Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University, where he trained in psychological terrorism and "brainwashing."18

DR. AZIZ AL-ABUB (AKA: IBRAHIM AL-NADHIR): In the 1980s, Dr. al-Abub, the psychiatrist behind the torture and interrogation of hostages kidnapped by terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon, studied psychological "brainwashing" methods at the Patrice Lumumba campus in Moscow. The center offered courses in political persuasion and indoctrination, as well as "brainwashing" which relied on carefully calculated psychological pressure. Dr. al-Abub studied the latest Soviet pharmacological techniques for "keeping a person passive over a lengthy period and reducing the will to resist."19 He also had close associations with psychiatrists in the Soviet psychiatric "gulags" where Jews and political dissidents were detained.

DOCTOR'S "PEP PILLS" ENABLED SUICIDE-BOMBERS: Dr. al-Abub provided "pep pills" for suicide-bombers and implanted them with the idea of the glory of sacrifice and dying. His greater target was the minds of the people, creating tension in the streets in the aftermath of terrorism.20 Dr. al-Abub's basic premise was that our society must be destroyed. "Accepting that, the logical conclusion seemed flawless: Any action was permissible in the name of righteous rage," Gordon Thomas, veteran Foreign Affairs Correspondent and author of Journey into Madness, stated.21 Thomas is the author of more than 20 other books and is a former producer for the BBC and a veteran foreign affairs correspondent. "There was a requirement to stress constantly that the world outside [his] group was filled with decay and was a fitting subject for destruction, just as the Nazi ideology embodied the Jew as the personification of physical perversion, ascetic corruption, a spiritual putrefaction," he said.22

DR AL-ABUB'S ABDUCTION OF AGENT BUCKLEY: In 1984, William Buckley, an agent for the CIA in Beirut, Lebanon, was kidnapped outside his residence and was tortured and drugged for more than two years by Dr. al-Abub. Abub made videos of the hopeless state that Buckley and other hostages were in, all aimed at enraging administrations like that of the United States.23 After 444 days, William Buckley died not only from what Dr. al-Abub had done to him, but also from untreated pneumonia.24 Also allegedly implicated in the abduction of agent Buckley was one of Osama Bin Laden's current chiefs, Imad Mughniyeh.25

WOLFGANG HUBER, a German psychiatrist from Heidelberg University, founded a Neo-Nazi terrorist group in Germany in the 1960s and used psychiatric patients to swell its ranks. In group therapy sessions the psychiatrist propagated the idea that the "capitalist performance of the Federal Republic was sick within itself and was thus producing mentally sick people which could only be changed by violent revolution." His wife, Ursula, helped school his patients in explosives, surveillance techniques and unarmed combat. Between December 1969 and June 1971, the group's terrorist activities led to deaths, including the death of two police officers. The psychiatrist was arrested in 1971 and was jailed until 1975; after his release, he went underground. Another faction of his group operated until 1999.

• ADOLF HITLER: In 1918, blinded by a poisonous gas attack in the war, Hitler was admitted to a military hospital where he was hypnotized by psychiatrist Edmund Forster. Forster put Hitler in a trance and implanted him with the belief that his beloved Germany needed him to recover his sight in order to serve the cause of national resurrection.26 German psychiatrists now admit that Hitler was influenced by their ideology of "racial inferiority" and "life devoid of value."