The Terror of Ethnic Cleansing

"The only weapon we have in this war is truth, and you (CCHR) have helped us a lot by digging up evidence and spreading information on what's happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina on all possible lines internationally."

          Bijedic Mustafa

          Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the           United Nations, 1994

Few people are aware that the "ethnic cleansing" — ridding a geographical area of racially "inferior" people-carried out in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and later in Kosovo, was based on the same psychiatric-inspired ideology that led to the Nazi Holocaust.

Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic masterminded the apparent religious conflict in Bosnia. A frequent guest on political programs on Belgrade television, Raskovic began to give vaguely Hitlerian speeches full of nationalistic and psychoanalytical overtones. He also "used electroshock and sadistic psychotherapeutic methods with particular pleasure in the case of Croats, especially Croation women," stated psychiatrist Boris Zmijanovic.

In 1986, Raskovic co-authored the infamous "Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences," which advocated the creation of a "Greater Serbia," claiming the Serbs needed to dominate the Croat and Muslim minorities because of their psychological superiority.

Raskovic died in 1992, but not before confessing on national television that he had been responsible for preparing the Serbs for war, and not before the mass extermination of the Croats and Muslims had started. Raskovic claimed that he lit the fire of Serbian nationalism in the name of "heaven, not earth."

More than 100,000 people died as a result of ethnic cleansing programs in Bosnia, while more than 1.5 million were driven from their homes. In Muslim areas, the leaders were selected for extermination so that there was no one left to reorganize the community—the intention being to weaken the racial "stock" of the people; 50,000 girls and women were reportedly raped so that they would not be accepted back into their community, thus also weakening the group.

Karadzic's terrorism over the Balkan people continued in Kosovo. Here this Freudian psychiatrist systematically targeted women and children. One report described a two-year-old child impaled on a wooden pole with a sign declaring: "This is Serbia. This is what we are going to do to all Albanians, because I am God and NATO means nothing to me."57

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, stated, "It makes clear beyond any doubt that horrific patterns of war crimes and crimes against humanity are emerging in Kosovo: systematic executions, organized rape and well-planned programs of terror and expulsion."

Raskovic and Karadzic were reportedly both trained at Britain's Tavistock Institute and Germany's Frankfurt School which both specialize in psychological warfare.58

In September 1999, members of the Council of Europe signed a resolution which recognized psychiatrists Karadzic and Raskovic as the architects of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and Serbia. Prime Minister Slobovan Milosovic is a former Karadzic patient, a sociologist, and a historian of philosophy specializing in Freudian psychology. He perpetrated and financed the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.59

Interestingly, Islamic terrorists were stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the conflict, including representatives of groups affiliated with Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the psychiatrist and chief advisor to Osama bin Laden. Indeed, such terrorist forces under al-Zawahiri's command were activated throughout the Balkans in April, 1996.60