"The main task of CCHR has been to achieve reform in the field of mental health and the preservation of the rights of individuals under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CCHR has been responsible for many great reforms. At least 30 bills [now more than 100] throughout the world, which would otherwise have inhibited even more the rights of patients, or would have given psychiatry the power to commit minority groups and individuals against their will, have been defeated by CCHR actions."

          Erica-Irene Daes, Special Rapporteur
          In her report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, 1986

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights, and to clean up the field of mental healing. When CCHR began, it entered a world almost wholly ignorant of the nature, extent and effects of psychiatric practice and control. It was a world in which none of the suffering millions had any voice at all. CCHR became that voice.

Today, it has 133 chapters in 34 countries. Its board of advisors, called Commissioners, includes doctors, lawyers, educators, artists, businessmen, and civil and human rights representatives.

For more than 30 years, CCHR has investigated the causes of violent, senseless crime, issuing reports on its findings to governments, law enforcement agencies and the media. It has published booklets such as The Rise in Senseless Violence in Society and white papers on "Psychiatry and the Creation of Senseless Violence" that have led to government investigations and action.

It was because of our research into this area that we undertook a similar analysis of terrorist attacks around the world, broadening our investigations to find a common link between the anatomy of violence in our schools and on the streets, and these current senseless terrorist acts. The website is the result of this research.

While CCHR doesn't provide medical or legal advice, it works closely with medical doctors and supports medical, but not psychiatric, practices. It has long been the policy of CCHR that anyone with a physical condition requiring medical treatment should see a competent, non-psychiatric physician.

CCHR is primarily concerned with psychiatry's use of "diagnoses" that are not based on science or medical criteria. Of secondary importance are psychiatry's treatments, including drugs, which are prescribed on the basis of their many invented diagnoses and stigmatizing labels. Such treatments mask the person's underlying difficulty and, in many cases, their real physical condition, thus preventing recovery.

CCHR has produced many hundreds of reforms by testifying before legislative hearings, conducting public hearings into psychiatric abuse, and working with the media, law enforcement and public officials.

It publishes millions of copies of free publications to raise public awareness about psychiatry's abuses and has an award-winning website,


You, too, can assist CCHR and its vital role in the community and its work by becoming a member. In this way, you can be kept abreast of our latest research and receive free copies of our publications as they are released. You'll learn of legislative issues that will concern you and your community and will be sufficiently informed by our information to be able to write to your legislative representative or other officials about the need for reforms. Become a CCHR member today.


"We should honor CCHR because it is really the organization that for the first time in human history has organized a politically, socially, internationally significant voice to combat psychiatry. This has never happened in human history before."

          Thomas Szasz M.D.

"I wanted to make sure to commend your organization and the individuals involved in assisting me in the criminal prosecution of a psychiatrist...[CCHR's] efforts were of a superior quality and greatly assisted me. You have some very special people working for you."

          Detective Mike Morrison
          Newport Beach Police Department

I am inspired by CCHR's tenacious investigations in this appalling area [of psychiatric fraud and crime]. Indeed, over the past 10 years, mental health practitioners were jailed at an average of one every 72 hours, compared to only about 10 annually prior to CCHR headlining this issue. I have great pleasure in officially opening the Crime and Fraud section of CCHR's Exhibit on psychiatry. I urge all politicians, law enforcement officers and local council and chamber members to avail themselves of this vital information.

          Chris Brightmore
          Detective Chief Superintendent, UK

Political repression using psychiatric means still occurs in Russia today. That is why CCHR is the only organization that actively fights against the harmful activities of psychiatrists. I would like to thank CCHR for its courageous and fruitful activity in the Russian Federation.

          Anatoli Prokopenko
          Russian Archivist & Historian

"Efforts by organizations like CCHR are vital if we are to succeed in returning our schools to places of learning. This can only be done by eliminating unworkable psychiatric or psychological curriculums and questionnaires, and by allowing our children, with the use of good academic instruction, to accomplish their grades and goals by using their inherent potential."

          Mrs. Patti Johnson
          Member, Colorado State Board of Education
          February 2000

"The campaign by CCHR in relation to Chelmsford Psychiatric Hospital and to obtain a NSW Government Royal Commission Inquiry was the most sustained and thorough exercise in whistleblowing, investigatory reporting and public interest work in the history of Australia--bar none!"

          Patrick Griffin
          Australian Lawyer

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